Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats
Well, that’s not entirely true. The Canadian metal act Cancer Bats have settled on a tentative title, though.

That title is Dead Set On Living. I like it, and yet, I’m not really into the Cancer Bats. Go figure.

The band’s fourth album is due in early 2012.

Lead singer Liam Cormier recently spoke to AOL’s Noisecreep and discussed how Fleet Foxes inspired their new album. Speaking of which, you should check out my hot friend Alex Lopez in this video. And watch the dude who blatantly stares at her luscious boobays.

I wish she’d marry me, because I think I might love her, but I’m in the friends zone — which blows more cock than a bi-curious dude at Hedonism. I hate the friends zone. Too bad she’ll never know how hard I could have rocked her fucking ass. I mean world.

“In a lot of ways we get really inspired by non-metal bands,” the singer says. “For me, I find I really like looking at other things because I just don’t want to make a traditional hardcore record lyrically. So for me, I listen to a lot of indie rock and I’ve been getting super psyched on a lot of that, like the new Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes.”

Check out the rest of that interview here, folks.

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