After the jump, you can watch a video shot in Berlin, Germany, during which the band Rammstein are honored with a morbid mausoleum. I don’t understand how this is an honor, but a publicist from Germany contacted me and informed me that the “bêtes noires for cultural mainstream, Rammstein, were celebrated with a mausoleum.”

In front of the O2 World, Berlin’s biggest indoor arena, fans congregated for a procession including a horse-drawn hearse, which delivered the original death masks of the 6 band members to the mausoleum.

Damn, that’s simultaneously cool and disturbing, if you ask me. And unnecessary. And a publicity stunt. And I guess how they do things over there.

“Inside the black cubic building, the busts were carefully placed amongst candles and a book of condolence and could be visited by fans in appropriate reverence,” the publicist’s email read.

Watch this. Tell me this is normal. I hope this trend doesn’t start here in the states. Of course, Rammstein have a new retrospective album due in stores soon and have a tour coming up too, so there’s that.

Rammstein – Made in Germany – Berlin 25th November 2011 from Rammstein on Vimeo.

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