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Ephel Duath’s Lineup Pretty Much Owns


Karyn Crisis
Seriously. Would I lie to you?

Who is in Ephel Duath these days? Glad you asked.

Steve DiGiorgio (of Death, Testament, Sadus, and Obscura fame) will be joined by Karyn Crisis (Crisis, Karyn Crisis Band) and Marco Minemann (Necrophagist, Kreator, Tony MacAlpine) on Ephel Duath’s upcoming EP.

The disc drops this spring through Agonia Records.

A press release states: “Being fully into the preproduction process and about to record drums for the EP, the band will keep posting regular updates and videos of the recording.

“In the meantime, check the upcoming issue of Outburn Magazine (#62, on sale December 27 in the US) — it will feature an interview in which Davide Tiso discusses details on the forthcoming release and Ephel Duath’s career,” the press release says.
Go like the band on Facebook. This EP is going to rip you a new asshole…in your fucking forehead.