Unfortunately, she was not at the party
Los Angeles hardcore outfit Terror has started writing material for their next full-length. It’s true! The band’s tentatively looking to enter the studio in May to begin tracking the disc for a fall 2012 release through Century Media Records.

So, that’s that. Now, because I have nothing more to say about Terror, I will recap my adventures crashing the Roadrunner Records Holiday Party. This was the first year I had to crash; usually, I get invited but, well…this Web site is honest, and sometimes, the truth hurts people. Not that they should even care. I’m no one special — just an honest metal fan.

Getting in was easy. I knew I wasn’t on “the list” but had the intern who was at the door checking people in look me up anyway. “Sorry, I don’t see your name,” he told me. I responded by telling him someone who works at the label told me to just come. “OK, what’s your name?” I give it to him, and I’m in.

The thing about the Roadrunner Christmas Party is it is metal’s Christmas party. Basically, the entire New York metal scene shows up, and gets hammered and then people cheat on their spouses in the back offices. Honest, man — I have heard stories of sex going down at this thing that are pretty legendary.

I was an early arrival so I grabbed a beer, and had some hors d’oeuvres — I saved myself having to get dinner. I spoke with Adam Poch — who was on “Big Brother” recently — for a bit, and ran into the very cool Marc Shapiro. Slowly, I started seeing more faces rush in, and within minutes, the place was packed. The beer flowed like wine, and people wished each other merriments.

Unlike in previous years, this year’s party was awkward. First, I wasn’t supposed to be there. Second, the men’s toilet had no ceramic back — just a pipe running from the wall — so leaving an upper decker was not possible, so this meant I would have to shanta the place. That takes more work. Third, people who in years past would wish me well straight-up avoided me. That’s what you get for blogging your mind.

I was hanging with Zeena and some of her friends; ran into Jem Aswad, an old editor of mine from MTV News; spent some time in the creative department with the MetalSucks and MetalInjection dudes; and even hung out with Richard Christy, who is maybe the friendliest man I have ever met. I saw a bunch of dudes who may have been in bands, but if they were, I didn’t know them.

I was bummed Jesse Leach wasn’t in the house. In years past, I have seen Kerry King at this party, Max Cavalera, the Killswitch dudes, Brian Fair…but this year, it was just me, Richard, Zeena, and a bunch of “industry” people. And Tommy Vext — he was there too.

All in all, a fun time. It was not a hard party to crash, and even when Roadrunner people realized I had crashed, they did not take any steps to have me removed, which was nice of them. Every girl who was there seemed to be with someone, so…and the fucking haircut I got yesterday did not help. Bitch cut off way too much, man. Way too much. Fuck. I went from looking like I was in a stoner band to looking like I’m in Converge.

Anyways, so, got no stank on the hanglow last night, but really, it was fun. The food was good, the people, chill — perhaps next year, some of you readers can fly into New York and crash the 2012 holiday party with me.

Interesting fact I learned: Lenny Kravitz is signed to Roadrunner Records. Who knew?

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