Little Trent

Little Trent
Hello everyone.

Welcome to Saturday, or as I’m calling it, Debauchery Day.

I’m in the Nutmeg State today and I am so excited. I can’t go into why, just trust me — I’m excited.

Anyways, How To Destroy Angels — Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame’s band — is streaming their cover of Bryan Ferry’s “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” over at

The cover appears on the newly-released Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross-composed score for the upcoming David Fincher directed film-adaptation of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

The film is scheduled to open in theaters on December 21, just FYI. After hearing “The Social Network” score, I really wanna hear what Trent and Atticus came up with this time.

In related news, remember that in 2012, Trent Reznor said he’s devoting his time to the next Nine Inch Nails record. Dopeness, confirmed.

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