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Metallica Release Yet Another Death Magnetic Reject


Oh. Great. Another cast-off that wasn’t good enough to make that shitty album. Can’t wait.

Metallica have been celebrating their 30th anniversary this week by playing a bunch of shows in San Francisco with some very special guests. This week, they’ve also released some unheard material.

At the end of this post, find the third song they’ve released this week from the Death Magnetic recording sessions. It’s called “Hell And Back,” and honestly, it could’ve stayed in the vault of obscurity forever and we all would’ve been fine.

Metallica said in a statement: “We’re pretty excited to be bringing these songs back to life nearly four years after they were recorded. Once again, this is the unpolished version of the song… the original rough mix from March of 2008 in its rawest, untouched form.”