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Video: Aphonia’s “The Gamble” Debuts Online


So, the thing is, Zeena Koda — who is our advice columnist, and needs your questions so email some to me at chris[at] — is a complex woman.

Not only is she an old friend of Gun Shy Assassin, she’s a DJ at Sirius XM, spinning brutality for y’all on Liquid Metal. She’s also one of the hardest working people I know, other than myself; she holds down a regular job and still manages to make it to every concert in New York, where she networks like a fothermucker. Yes, I meant fothermucker.

She’s also the singer for a pretty sweet band here in the Tri-State called Aphonia.

At the end of this post, check out Aphonia’s new video for “The Gamble.” Give it a listen. You might find you really dig it, because I, for one, think this song is top notch. It’s a song — like songs used to be written. You can tell they’re not pretentiously going after whatever sounds going to appeal most to high school douches. It’s real. True. Check it out, bum looker.

Aphonia – The Gamble from Zeena Koda on Vimeo.