They're so life-like...and so creepy

They're so life-like...and so creepy
OK, so, this is just fucking weird. Like, beyond bizarre. Why? Because I think mannequins are fucking weird. Especially the ones with colored-in faces. And two-inch nipples. Why the hell do you need to give that mannequin nipples, man? Why?

Some dudes are selling mannequins that look like Kiss…from 35 years ago. Kiss collectors Jae Connor and Johnny McLaughin of Electric Lotus Tattoo have decided to unearth this full set of “very rare” mannequins.

“These one of a kind mannequins originally came from Fat Vinnie Gonzales, who at one time had the largest collection of Kiss memorabilia in the world,” a press release says. I am assuming Fat Vinnie is no longer fat. You can’t stay fat if you’ve been consumed by worms.

“The mannequins were made in 1976 and came directly from the Aucoin Management warehouse. One recalls that not only were these from the Aucoin warehouse, but that the band members themselves actually worked on these mannequins, assembling and hand painting their own faces,” the release continues.
The mannequins are full sized and “extraordinarily life like.” All of the faces have been molded from the actual band members and have exceptionally detailed make-up. 

If you’re dad’s a huge Kiss fan and your last name’s, say, Trump, you should totally get your dad one of these creepy Kiss mannequins. You can bid on Ace here, Paul here, Peter here, and Gene and his mannequin tongue here.

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