When an economic bubble bursts, normalcy can only return if the price excesses created during the bubble are wrung out of the market. A recession is often a painful but necessary market mechanism that corrects the pricing distortion and consequent misallocation of capital that occurs in a bubble. When government intervention prevents the mispriced asset class from fully deflating, capital continues to be misallocated and economic malaise lingers on. This is the takeaway message from Peter Schiff’s Wall Street Journal editorial.


Haven’t their been enough tributes to Ozzy Osbourne?

Haven’t we kissed Ozzy’s ass enough?

On May 8, Versailles Records will release No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne.

The set will contain a “collection of hits and fan favorites covering every era of Ozzy’s solo and Black Sabbath catalog.”

I am totally not looking forward to this.

The disc will boast the likes of Dokken’s George Lynch and Motley Crue’s Vince “Where’d I Leave My Car Keys” Neil.

Keri Kelli, of Ratt and L.A. Guns fame, will also be on the disc, along with Slaughter’s Mark Slaughter, Megadeth’s Chris Poland, Stu Hamm of Steve Vai’s band, and Eric Singer, known for his work with Kiss and The Cult.

Lastly, the disc will boast Lillian Axe’s Derrick LeFevre. He has a hockey player’s name, no?

There will also be covers on the disc by bands you’ve never heard of like Takara, Leaving Eden, and Dirty Rose.

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