K.K. Downing
I know K.K. Downing insists he left Judas Priest of his own accord, but I have a feeling he was let go.

Why else would dude be selling such awesome cars? Obviously, he needs the cash. Therefore, why would he bounce from Judas Priest to run a golf course? Why? It makes no sense to me.

Some obscure British publication reports two cars owned by Downing were sold in an auction for nearly £63,000 (or approximately $98,000).

Auctioneers Brightwells said Downing’s “highly original 1966 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII sparked an intense bidding war before finally going to a Belgian buyer for £35,750.”

Oh did it, now? Must’ve been a riveting display of snobbery.

Meanwhile, “his somewhat scruffy 1959 Jensen 541R made a huge £26,950, almost twice the pre-sale estimate and showing what great gains this rare model has made in recent years.”

The auction was held at Brightwells in Leominster, England.

Why else would K.K. leave Judas Priest and never really offer any kind of a valid reason for it? I think he was dropped. But maybe I’m wrong.

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