As Blood Runs Black
Man, I am sorry for the sluggish post rate today.

Usually, I get more posts up on days like this, but I was called off to my day job prematurely, and let’s just say I was outside all day, dealing with tragedy.

A plane crash, to be exact. So, I’ve had a hell of a day, and it’s not even over. I have to work tonight too. Pity me, fools. Pity your old pal Chris.

By the way, Mediaskare are offering a free 26 track digital sampler online via their website.

You do have to provide the label with your email address, which is sure to lead to a lot of junk email. But hey — these are the breaks. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is free, folks.

The sampler boasts tracks from the likes As Blood Runs Black, Volumes, Bury Your Dead, Suffokate and more.

Go get it. Listen to it. Take it in. Absorb it. And then thank me for alerting you to free shit.

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