She likes Darkest Hour
Kris Norris may have let the gerbil out of the asshole, and accidentally let some news slip about his bandmate in A Cancerous Affair, this new group he’s started.

A recent quote from Norris — who is in Straight Line Stitch and used to be in Darkest Hour — basically says that Ryan Parrish is a “former” member of Darkest Hour.

I guess that wasn’t news that was supposed to be shared.

Here’s the quote: “I am so friggin happy to announce that the drums will be handled by my favorite drummer ever, Ryan Parrish, formerly of Darkest Hour with whom I had many many great musical aha! moments in my life!”

There is so much that happens when statements are issued online that ends up fucking people over. Like, one time, I used Facebook to announce a 2 a.m. decision to drive to Atlantic City with my friend Tony.

I was also friends on Facebook with his future wife. He had told her he was staying at my house…literally an hour before my post.

The next morning, her Facebook status read, “You are dead to me.” Needless to say, it took a few months for that shit to iron itself out.

Mind you, there is no official word on Parrish’s alleged exit.

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