Norma Jean
I don’t. And you probably don’t. But that little bitch of a kid who lives across the street — he definitely owed Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan some loochie.

Brandan went on Twitter yesterday to bitch about illegal downloading. He released a series of four Tweets, assembled here for you in one convenient paragraph.

“Anyone that has ever downloaded a Norma Jean record. You owe me money,” Brandan wrote.

“I hope you had enough money today to buy your family groceries…I mean ‘for free’ of course. Ya know… illegally. Stolen. Theft. Don’t get your feeling[s] hurt. It’s ok if you steal from me. Anything else I can do for free for you? Spoiled brats! It’s about time someone got pissed about this!”

About time? ABOUT TIME??? Dude — everybody’s pissed about this. Everybody who puts out music for commercial sale. You’re fucking way late to this party.

Introducing Cory Brandan…the man who lives five years behind the rest of the world.

“I hope you guys know what it feels like to have thousands of dollars stolen from you only to be told you have an attitude about it. BTW! I appreciate and LOVE all of you that have supported us over the years. I hope you are all blessed!”

The rest of you scamps — he probably wished eternal damnation on you all.

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