Yeah, I know — stunner. The girl, not the news.

Yesterday, there was speculation that Darkest Hour had parted ways with drummer Ryan Parrish.

Today, the band officially announced that yes, they parted ways with Ryan.

“Yes — it is true, Darkest Hour has parted ways with drummer Ryan Parrish,” the band said in a statement. “We wish him well (you will seem him rocking in many projects no doubt please check them out, they will all rip!)”

Darkest Hour have since found a new drummer named Timothy Java, known for his work with Dead to Fall.

“Tim did an amazing job on our recent European tour with Machine Head,” says the band. “As for the future that’s open for discussion — no permanent decisions have been made in any way.”

So, that’s that. And I am going to go get some food. Starving up in this bitch.

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