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Lacuna Coil Chick Surprised Dudes Wanna Get Up In That Thang


Cristina Scabbia
So, the gorgeous woman pictured in this post — for those who may not know — is Cristina Scabbia, the female singer in Italian rockers Lacuna Coil.

I’d do things to her that are illegal in Thailand. I’ve met her a number of times in person, and found her to be unintentionally sexy, with flawless, olive skin and sensual eyes. She’s a knockout, and either A.) Is one of those chicks who actually doesn’t know it, which is awesome or B.) Knows she’s a stunner but is trying to place the modest card.

I mean, how can she be surprised dudes wanna bust nuts on her? How? She must need glasses. Or a new set of glasses, because baby, you got it going on in all the right places, and I would make sweet monkey love to you if given the signal.

Anyways, this is what she told “I see myself as a geeky girl who’s been able to realize that it is beautiful to be unique, as everyone is. I love to play with my image and I find myself a pretty sensual person, but at the same time I am surprised when people look at me as a sex symbol.”

I bet you she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t wear panties. Ever. That’s hot. One less step between me and that sweet, delicate, velvety love chute.

“I barely wear makeup offstage and my fans know it. I am happy to be a role model to some people, ’cause I am sure that whoever looks up to me can see the ‘girl next door that rocks’ thing.”

Scabbia, you are a bona fide babe. And really, there’s nothing better in this world than being a hot chick. Embrace it and be glad.