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Locked In A Vacancy Playing Reunion Gig


Locked In A Vacancy
New York City metalcore band Locked In A Vacancy have scheduled a reunion show, as you may have heard.

They’re playing Saturday January 7, 2012, at ABC No Rio in New York with All Else Failed. I will be at that show. A Life Once Lost and Tiger Flowers are also on the bill.

“When we broke up back in 2007, it was kind of sudden and we never got to play a ‘final show’ or anything like that,” says vocalist Dyami Bryant.

“I’d been in the hospital for a while and when I got out we threw around the idea of playing a last show once I was up to it,” Bryant adds. “One thing lead to another and it kinda never happened. Several of the guys ended up in new projects (Nassau Chainsaw, Gods Green Earth, etc.), so the idea was left on the back burner.”

Bryant said he remained part of the scene and was contacted by our columnist Patrick Shannon “from All Else Failed [and he] told me they were throwing around the idea of doing a weekend [show] at some point. As good friends and one of our favorite bands from way back, we knew that this was something we needed to be a part of, so I worked it out to set up the NYC show at ABC No Rio and got my guys together to reunite for this event.”


“When he told me they were doing the three shows with A Life Once Lost and Backwoods Payback, it was icing on the cake,” Bryant continues. “We have a lot of history with ALOL as well, having shared the stage with them innumerable times back in the day. Our boys in Tiger Flowers will start things off strong — they’re a great band, and having ex-members of both Johnny Cage Is A Fake and My Bitter End within their ranks, it’s a pleasure to have these old friends be a part of this!

“Doing the show at ABC has an added significance: the last official show LIAV ever played was at ABC No Rio, alongside our friends in All Else Failed,” he says. That’s crazy.

“We also played with ALOL the last time they played the space, way back in 2002, when they were on tour with Caliban and Dead To Fall. And being as the building will finally be closing for renovations in the coming months, it’s awesome to get to play there one last time. This is a VERY small space, and the show will be a 3pm matinee that starts ON TIME. I’d strongly suggest showing up early as there are no advance tickets and this will definitely sell-out. Definitely not one to be missed. See ya in 2012!”