With Disturbed on hiatus, David Draiman’s got some big plans — it’s baby-making time!

What a revolting thought. Draiman — all sweaty and bald, with his ridiculous piercings — banging some bored model chick. That’s just gross.

Draiman tells Artisan Media that during the hiatus, he plans “to relax,” but that he’s also “trying to work with a couple of different bands, doing some production. I’m really just kind of chilling.”

He then drops the baby bomb: “I wanna go ahead and impregnate my wife and have a baby. You know — be a normal human being for about five seconds.”


See that, folks? He doesn’t consider himself a normal human being. Nope — we all are, but he’s not. He’s superhuman. He’s above all us fools down here, working for the man.

Draiman married Lena Yada — a Japanese-American model, actress, professional tandem surfer and professional wrestler — on September 25 in Texas.

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