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Behind The Scenery Sign New Album Deal


Behind The Scenery
Holy cow pie!

Reactivated German melodic death metal band Behind The Scenery are staging a comeback.

Behind The Scenery have signed a new deal with Serial Six Records.

The band is currently in the studio recording its as-yet-untitled fourth album for an early 2012 release.

A press release claims the follow-up to 2004s Rétroviseur “will contain about nine songs plus an intro and an outro.”

Behind The Scenery announced it was throwing in the towel in 2007, but started talking about returning to the scene back in July.

“The band simply felt that it was the right time and place in order to come up with a creative output strong and diverse enough to stand as the logical follow-up to Rétroviseur,” a press release says.

I’m not all that familiar with these dudes, but I know enough to know they’re pretty decent. I will be checking out their new one when it drops.

What about you folks? You like Behind The Scenery and want to sing their praises?