Gorod makes the list
We asked for your top ten albums of 2011, and holy hell, did you guys respond! We received nearly 100 top ten lists from our loyal and super awesome readers, which we’ve added up and compiled for you right here. Why? Because at the end of the day, what you think matters to us — not just what we think.

You guys have very varied tastes, we must say. We were surprised by some of your picks, but in a good way. Like, “Holy shit, I can’t believe our readers have such incredible taste.” Though, it shouldn’t come as a shock. After all, you like Gun Shy Assassin, so you must know something.

So here it is: our readers’ picks for the top 10 records of 2011,

10: A tie between Hammers of Misfortune’s 17th Street and Nader Sadek’s In The Flesh. Said reader (and GSA pal) Thomas Pizzola of Hammers of Misfortune’s LP: “Epic, catchy and progressive…simply one of the best written records of the year. I can’t stop listening to it.”

9: A tie between Skeletonwitch’s Forever Abomination and Disma’s Towards The Megalith, which Joshua Armijo called “doomy, burly, and just plain disgusting death metal that rattles the very core of existence, and Craig Pillard is still one of the very best in the world.”

8: Obscura’s Omnivium. This is what Bill Feeley has to say about the effort: “I really only love this as much as I do because everyone I’ve played it for gets confused and says they don’t understand it. I think it’s amazing.”

7: Autopsy’s Macabre Eternal which one fan called a “crusty death metal masterpiece.” I agree.

6: Gorod’s Transcendence, which Dan Hall says “made my list because the title track is a glorious, fifteen minute journey. Gorod has always been one of my favorite bands because of their astounding rhythmic progression and composition skills.”

5: Machine Head’s Unto The Locust, which one reader claims “is the best thing they’ve done in forever…a true triumph for a band I’ve loved for years.”

4: A tie between Mastodon’s The Hunter and The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual, which one reader said “was just so diverse; it demonstrated that The Black Dahlia Murder could do more than play some blisteringly fast tracks and throw one kickass, epic finisher to the album.

3: Tombs’ The Path of Totality, which one reader told us was “not what I expected; Everything I liked about Winter Hours, but much, much better.”

2: The Devin Townsend Project’s Deconstruction, which was easily one of the best records of the year. No one sung this album’s praises, so I will: A collection of metal’s elite, all on one furious and flawless record. Kudos to Devin.

1: Opeth’s Heritage, which was easily one of the tamest albums released in 2011, but also one of the best. Says reader Mike: “Heritage is an incredible album with lots of depth. I think it took some balls for them to drop the growls, and go more acoustic.”

Honorable Mentions:

All Else Failed, Wouldn’t Wish This on Anyone: Says reader Bill, “These guys are my fucking idols, I grew up outside Philly, and after all these years, the music is as strong as ever (stronger even).”

Revocation, Chaos of Forms: Says Felipe, “Dave Davidson is the new Dimebag.”

Vektor, Outer Isolation: One reader tells us the album “just has so much energy going for it at all times. While the drums don’t particularly do anything outstanding, everything else never has a dull moment.”

Dying Fetus, History Repeats…: Said Red Beard, “Fetus owns ALL.”

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