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Chimaira’s Mark Hunter Has A Good Sense Of Humor

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Today, we posted a story about Chimaira’s latest lineup addition — Emil Werstler of Dååth fame has joined the band to play bass, making him the third member of Dååth to join the Chimaira fold — and it spurred a flurry of Tweets today between Mark Hunter and Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under, which now features a bunch of dudes who were formerly in Chimaira.

“haha great headline RT @gunshyassass1n: Chimaira’s Ongoing Transition Into Dååth Almost Complete,” Hunter Tweeted.

Later, he followed it up with a “Lulz! RT @sixfeetofficial: @chimairamark @gunshyassass1n ///and Six Feet Under transition into Chimaira circa 2005 almost complete”

The Tweeting just kept on going. “What’s truly amazing about these line-up changes is the explosion of creativity”

“Tons of bands change line-ups from album to album while maintaining their core sound. death, nin, zao, megadeth, etc,” he added.

Later on, Barnes started in on Mark, inspired — obviously — by the previous Tweets about our awesome story.

“@chimairamark: a 9 piece super group comprised of 3 ex chim, sfu, and daath in the works./// sixdaathmaira”

He also Tweeted: “@chimairamark / for a second there I was going to ask you if you wanted to take over vocal duties in sfu..must’ve been the euphoria OG…”

And later: “@chimairamark .. now if you pick up terry butler on bass the circle of metal is complete.”

So, that happened and was kind of cool.