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Chimaira’s Ongoing Transition Into Dååth Almost Complete


It’s happening.

At this point, I’m thinking Mark Hunter’s the only remaining original member of Chimaira, right? And there are now three members of Dååth in the band.

It has been revealed that Dååth’s Emil Werstler will handle guitar duties for Chimaira in 2012. Emil’s been playing bass for Chimaira in rceent months, but now will take over on guitar since guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries’ time with the band is now down to three days.

“Fans already know Emil from the ‘Coming Alive’ DVD, the insane guitar solo at the end of ‘Samsara,’ and most recently on stage playing bass for ‘The Age Of Hell’ tour,” Chimaira says in a statement. “For those that don’t know, time to get familiarized. Listed as one of modern metal’s most important guitar players, Mr. Emil Werstler.”

It is rumored that Matt Szlachta, formerly of Dirge Within, will become Chimaira’s second guitarist and that Dååth bassist Jeremy Creamer will be taking over for Emil on bass. Sean Zatorsky, who is Dååth’s keyboardist, is also in Chimaira.

That’s three members of Dååth now in Chimaira. That’s crazy, man. They should get Eyal Levi to join the band at this point too, as a backup vocalist.

Craziness. Coincidentally, Six Feet Under now features a bunch of dudes who used to be in Chimaira. Is that a coincidence? Or just an odd occurrence? Or neither?