Aaron Harris
Isis, Isis, Isis!

That’s right folks. Former Isis drummer Aaron Harris (no relation, unfortunately — that would kick ass) has taken to his Blogspot to give fans an update on the band he’s started with two of his former compadres.

Well, I guess “former” doesn’t really apply, given they’re still working together on something. Former Isis bandmates, really.

The as-yet-untitled band will features Cliff Meyer and Jeff Caxide, both of whom were in Isis — a band that’s no longer around, but fucking ruled.

Y’all betta recognize!

“In the past I’ve mentioned my new band with Cliff Meyer and Jeff Caxide from Isis,” writes Harris.

“We have yet to find a name for it. (It seems they’ve all been taken.) I can say we plan to record in February 2012, and that we have a fourth member providing vocals who we’re excited about. I don’t want to reveal too much about it at this point, but we appreciate the enthusiasm and look forward to releasing some new music!”

I bet it’s Patton. I’d love if it were Mike Patton. In fact, I’d probably instantly shoot a hot, goopy load in my pants. That’s worse than sharting.

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