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Lamb Of God Frontman Blythe Addresses SOPA

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Randy Blythe
Randy Blythe’s Twitter is like an open forum for people to speak to the Lamb of God frontman about anything. He’s one of those dudes who really does appreciate talking to his fans.

Lately, he’s been getting into it with folks about the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill that expands the reach of U.S. law enforcement and helps copyright holders fight online trafficking in intellectual property and counterfeit goods.

“I hear a lot of knee jerk reactions from ill-informed people saying ‘This is just a way for the govt to restrict free speech’ — BULLSHIT,” offers Blythe.

“This is a corporate battle being fought at a judicial level by PAID LOBBYISTS — neither corporate side REALLY CARES for A) artists/creators’ rights or B) free speech rights.

“The RIAA hasn’t done much for me lately,” says Blythe. “People worry about YouTube getting shutdown, as if it is an altruistic creative expression outlet. WHO OWNS YOUTUBE? And WHY does YouTube exist? It ain’t for you to develop your creative side.”

Blythe adds that he’s no fan of the legislation as its currently written.

“Terms are too broad & open,” Blythe says. “But there is a corporate race occurring right now that you have little control over. This is all about funding, people. Do a little research & you’ll see where the dollars are coming from that fund some of these supposed ‘free speech advocacy’ groups. It ain’t from idealist libertarians. It’s ALL CORPORATE. ALL OF IT.”

Randy Blythe will one day have his own column on some political blog…just watch. Like Politico or something.

“Let’s see who has the juice and cash flow — the FEW PEOPLE making real money off of providing Internet & computer hardware, or the big wigs at the media conglomerates. Y’all’s pissant voices (that includes mine too) will have VERY LITTLE to do with the outcome of the SOPA debate. BE AWARE!”

Several Tweets later, someone brought up Lars Ulrich and Napster to Randy.

“Lars Ulrich was the face that took a beating. Lars was RIGHT,” Randy replied. “The whole Napster thing was a FACADE. Napster was NOT an idealistic kid trying to ensure ‘free music’ — IT WAS A CORPORATION. And the heads at Napster up until the 11th hour were in negotiations with the heads of who? The five major music media conglomerates to SELL Napster for 2 billion so it could become A PAY SERVICE.

“The media conglomerates fucked up by choosing Lars as the face of their battle, even though he was RIGHT and was upset about a track leaking THAT WASN’T RELEASED YET — Metallica let people record shows and trade FOR YEARS when most other bands WOULD NOT. He is demonized for doing what is RIGHT — trying to control WHEN AND WHERE HIS FUCKING MUSIC IS RELEASED.

“If the folks at Sony & Warner & EMI had chosen a struggling artist to be their face, this whole thing would have been framed in an entirely different way. It’s all BULLSHIT. WAKE UP. Napster didn’t care about fans, the major media outlets don’t care about fans — IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY. MONEY MONEY MONEY. CORPERATE DOLLARS. That’s the ONLY thing SOPA is about. Don’t be fooled. Approximately 1/4 of all Internet traffic is the exchange of pirated material.

“Tell me who loses and who gains from that material being exchanged and then you’ll have a VERY SIMPLE answer to what this whole SOPA thing is about. #fuckingtruthinyourface”