I smell sarcasm

I smell sarcasm
Man, it must be rad being Matt Heafy.

To be the guitarist in a big time metal band, with thousands of fans and all that fame…and that ability to both mimic James Hetfield’s vocals while somehow crouching AND playing guitar.

But apparently, being the frontman for Trivium doesn’t always pay. I’m sure it pays. But last month, Heafy got one royalty check that was perhaps not even worth the gas money to drive to the bank to cash.

He posted an image of that check online, commenting on how “massive” it is; for those who don’t get sarcasm, the check’s for less than $2.

He also bemoaned the state of the record industry, which is nothing new. Basically, moral of this story is make sure you get your ass to college, because unless you release a mega hit song — like a Linkin Park-level type tune — the music biz is really a poor man’s profession.

I’m sure there are massive checks the dude actually does receive from time to time. But of course, Matty would never post an image of that online.

So, don’t feel too bad for Heafy. At the same time, that kinda blows — but what could he be getting royalties from? No radio stations I’ve heard, other than some on satellite, play Trivium.

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