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Pop Artist Troy Gua pokes fun at the 'Seattle Freeze' at SOIL Art Gallery

Bipolar Bear by Troy Gua. From his upcoming exhibition 'N/ICE' @ SOIL Art Gallery Jan4th-28th. (206)-264-8061
Bipolar Bear by Troy Gua. From his upcoming exhibition 'N/ICE' @ SOIL Art Gallery Jan4th-28th. (206)-264-8061

Is Seattle really that cold? Is it really so distant? Is the ‘Seattle Freeze’ a real phenomenon? At least one local artist thinks so. Local pop artist Troy Gua‘ s new exhibition ‘N/ICE’, showing January 4-28 at SOIL Art Gallery in Pioneer Square, is an entertaining look at Seattle’s “friendly but distant” social deficiency. The show’s opening reception is Thursday January 5 – the First Thursday Art Walk – from 6:00-8:00pm.

Is the ‘Seattle Freeze’ real? As with most things there’s no simple answer. But I fall on the “yes it’s real” side of this argument. I’ve seen, or been involved in, too many social situations where a blooming friendship dies because of the ‘Seattle Freeze.’ To me, it’s one of the most frustrating things about a city that has so much to offer. It’s why I found this show so irresistible.

Artist Troy Gua. Photo by Hayley Young
Artist Troy Gua. Photo by Hayley Young

“I appreciate artists who are showmen,” he says, listing Marcel Duchamp, Jeff Koons and Yves Klein among his greatest influences, “who are as famous as their art is.”

-Troy Gua, from Seattle Magazine article by Bond Huberman, Sept 2011.

Gua, an enigmatic artist whose work spans a wide variety of styles and media, is a straightforward and unapologetic self marketer. But truthfully that’s the kind of unending drive and desire an artist needs to get their artwork seen, their voice heard nowadays. Having won Seattle Magazine‘s Spotlight Award in 2011, Gua is poised to take the next step towards fame. With obvious influences like Warhol, Duchamp, Koons and others you’re sure to see something “interesting” at a Troy Gua show.

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‘N/ICE’ by Troy Gua
January 4 – 28, 2012
“Teddy Bears are symbols of comfort and warmth. Duct tape is used for creating protective barriers. These bears are metaphors for the social bipolarity of the so-called ‘Seattle Freeze’.”