Devin Townsend
Not that long ago, Devin Townsend and his immensely talented The Devin Townsend Project hopped the puddle, if you will, to the U.K. to play a series of four glorious shows in London.

Shows I unfortunately missed.

During each show, Devin and his band played all four of their albums — Ki, Ghost, Addicted, and Deconstruction — in their entirety, to the amazement and wonderment of fans.

Now comes word from Devin Townsend that those shows were taped, and if you couldn’t be there to experience them live, you will be able to experience them through the magic of DVD.

Blu-ray won’t be happening, fuckers. It’s too fucking expensive to produce, so go cry in your milk some more and ponder that.

“They’re talking about July for the 4 dvd release. Another heemo package. I love being able to make huge projects. In this age it’s essential,” Devin said the other day on Twitter and Facebook.

Super. I will definitely be getting these. Even if the label won’t send it to me. Like I didn’t get the box set. Fucking lame sauce, wankers.

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