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Converge To Record New LP Soon


Man, I am fucking slacking lately. Sorry kids.

Today is basically my one day off from the day job, so I fucking slept in. Until 11. Fucking crazy, I know…but my bed is basically softer than labia and I have these curtains that basically black out my entire bedroom.

I also have an alarm clock that makes ocean sounds, so, needless to say, it’s easy to sleep in at my place. Just a word to the wise, ladies…if sleeping and metal’s your thang, I’m your dude.

Anyways, you came here for Converge information. And yes, Converge have updated fans with some good news for the new year.

“One more writing/refining session, then recording will begin,” Converge revealed online. “More news soon…”

So, we’ll be getting new Converge sooner than later. I like that.

Hopefully, no metal sites will leak it ahead of release this time.

Pissing off Converge is not something you want to be doing.