Wu Tang Clan- some rights reserved by Flickr member NRK P3

Seattle’s Own Champagne Champagne are set to open for Wu Tang Clan on January 25th at the Showbox SODO. This will be a night of great local hip hop, and then what many consider to be the greatest rap group of all time. Tickets are $35 pre-sale, or $40 on the 25th, and are available here

Everybody has a favorite Wu Tang, and everybody has a favorite Wu Tang solo album. (Bobby Digital for me.) Wu Tang is amazing, huge- they have no equal, and what they do has never been replicated. Their songs are deep in the fabric of the music of the past twenty years. Funny thing about fabric, it tends to get cut up. Last year’s insanely good Wu Tang Fugazi mashup record Wugazi continues to get major play on KEXP. (They have good taste.) It’s a great way to re-introduce Wu Tang to indie audiences, and make the old songs new again. These same indie audiences will also want to support Champagne Champagne, a band with as much indie as hip hop cred. They will start the show off right. Their music calls for dancing, and Seattle will happily oblige them. In our minds, we are already there.


Culture Champagne Champagne to Open for Wu Tang Clan January 25th