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Corey Taylor Says New Stone Sour Will Sound Like Pink Floyd Meets Alice In Chains


Corey Taylor

Think about that for a minute. Pink Floyd, fused with Alice In Chains. I can’t even imagine what that would sound like, other than bad.

I have a feeling this is a quote that may come back to haunt Corey Taylor, who made the comment during an interview with Artisan News.

Taylor not only described the new record as “the biggest thing we’ve ever done in our career” but said it was going to be “fantastic.”

Said Taylor: “We’re still writing and recording stuff. Right now alone, we have 13 completed songs, with six more that I can demo, probably two or three that Josh [Rand] still has that we’re tweaking, and then a bunch that Jim [Root]‘s gonna bring in.”

But wait, there’s more: “Our ultimate goal is a double concept album, which the only way I can describe it is The Wall meets Dirt on steroids. And I think it’s gonna be fantastic. And if I can pull it off, it’s gonna be the biggest thing we’ve ever done in our career.”

They won’t pull it off.