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Saliva Singer Quits, Looks To Pursue Career As Christian Artist


Josey is a girl's name
Well, man…I did not see that one coming. I figured Josey Scott was a fucking animal. The type of dude who’d make girls shove baseball bats in their asses for his own sick amusement. But I guess Josey’s found — gulp! — God.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Scott and Saliva quietly parted ways late last year.

Guitarist Wayne Swinny told some Texas radio station KFMX all about it. I live in New York, where all the stations start with W’s, so it always bugs me out when stations have names that start with anything other than a W.

Swinny says Scott left the group after a decade and a half to pursue a career as a solo Christian artist.

Although Saliva’s future was shaky there for a while, they didn’t do the right thing and break up. Nope — they’re inflicting more awful music on humanity, enlisting a new singer named Bobby Amaru.

I love when dudes find Jesus.

It’s hilarious. I wonder what happened to Josey to make him find his religion and want to pursue a Christian solo career.

I also can’t wait to see Josey’s new Christian look, and to hear his new music. I bet it blows Head’s shit to bits.

Saliva lose the one dude anyone knew in the band by name, and yet, they’re carrying on. Fuck. Life’s not fair.