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Exclusive: Gaza Album Title Revealed


Gee whiz. Our first true bit of breaking news for 2012: the title to Gaza’s forthcoming album.

The news comes courtesy of Jesse James Madre, vocalist for Tiger Flowers and a dude I definitely need to fucking party with in 2012 — I will be Saturday, at ABC No Rio. That’s right, folks. Come on down, and say “Hey” and maybe we’ll do a shot of some sort.

Anyways, Jesse recently interviewed Gaza for Gun Shy Assassin at their shows in New York, and, well, Jesse’s been busy.

He’s working on something, but he’s been super busy, and so I asked him for the album title — which he learned during the interview — so we could at least get that information out to our readers and, simultaneously, to Gaza’s fans.

Gaza is a fucking sick-ass band, in the off chance you don’t know this. They’re fucking insane, and one of the most underrated and henceforth, underappreciated bands on the planet.

“The name of their new album is gonna be No Absolutes In Human Suffering,” Jesse reported in to the Gun Shy compound (i.e.; my bachelor pad of an apartment).

“It should hit shelves this spring via Black Market Activities,” Jesse dished. “They recorded with Kurt Ballou [of Converge lore] at his God City Studios.”

Nice reporting, Jesse. You may just have a future in this business…asking all the right questions like that and all.