Bless my fuck!

Ex-Isis drummer Aaron Harris has posted on Twitter that a new Isis album is coming.

Not new, but new in the sense that it’s never been released before. The band is not getting back together. Not yet anyways. It’s a posthumous release, but fuck — I’ll take whatever the fuck I can get, Isis dudes.

Bring it.

Harris — no relation — says that “this not a new studio album, but is a new record with previously unreleased material. Just to be clear. Thanks everyone!”

Fucking A, man. Unreleased material is always rad, especially from bands that have broken up. A nice little parting treat for the fans, if you ask me.

ThePRP suggests the outing could be a previously-mentioned EP with Wavering Radiant B-sides and more. But that’s mere speculation at this point.

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