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Metallica Planning Two East Coast Shows


My favorite thing chicks say has to be “I usually never do this.” They’re usually uttering these very words right before I put it in…on the first night I’m hanging out with ‘em. They always say it, too. Chicks, if you bang ‘em or get ‘em naked the first night you hang out with them, always insist this is unusual behavior for them.

Yeah, and I usually never speed…unless I’m in a hurry. Kind of reminds me of when blatantly racist assholes say “I’ve got tons of black friends.”

I’ve actually had chicks tell me — after finding out how fucking sweet and tender a kisser I am, with the neck kisses and everything — that “You’re making it hard to say no.” They justify their need for the dong by blaming you and your awesomeness. What does this have to do with Metallica? Fucking nothing.

I was just making an observation. Yes, kids — presume your old pal Chris got some, and let’s just leave it at that. Hence, the lag in posts because I also had to work today. So, Metallica — they’re getting ready for two East Coast U.S. gigs, which are tentatively set for June 23 and June 24.

Exact details will be announced later this month. I’m guessing they’re going to be like those San Franny shows they did, celebrating their bicentennial or something.