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PHILM — Slayer Drummer’s Side Project — Sign With Ipecac


Dave Lombardo
Mike Patton knows talent.

The Faith No More frontman and Ipecac Recordings co-founder has signed bands no other label would. Why? Because the shit he signs is so good, there is no fucking way any label is going to haul in any kind of dough, so no one touches ‘em.

Patton co-founded the label with Greg Werckman, a fucking stand-up dude if ever there was one.

PHILM — a Los Angeles-based experimental post-hardcore band featuring Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Civil Defiance guitarist and vocalist Gerry Nestler, and War bassist Pancho Tomaselli — will release it’s debut album early this year through Ipecac.

“I can’t wait for [everyone] to hear it,” Lombardo enthused. “Looking forward to releasing it and doing selected shows around the world.”

For those who don’t know, PHILM incorporate elements not only of metal into their sound, but punk, ambient, funk (obviously…War), and even jazz.

They’re fucking stellar.

Nice going, Patton. You remain the coolest motherfucker on the planet.