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Oh no! I wished I cared.

Guitarist Rich Ward and bassist Paul DiLeo, both of whom are known for the work with Fozzy, have left Adrenaline Mob.

That leaves Mike Portnoy (ex of Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold), Symphony X’s Russell Allen and guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando from Sonic Stomp.

Ward sent the following message to

“When I was first asked about coming on board as the second guitarist for the Adrenaline Mob project, it was understood that every member of the band had other band commitments, most of us having multiple active music projects,” the message reads.

“We all acknowledged that it would be a challenge to make it work, but we all agreed that the lineup’s potential was worth making the necessary compromises in each of our schedules.

“In recent months, it was made clear that after the release of the band’s album, scheduling around my previous commitments wasn’t going to be possible, and that it would be necessary to make Adrenaline Mob my sole priority,” Ward explains.

“This basically meant that if I was to move forward with the Adrenaline Mob guys, I would only be available to continue on recording and touring with Fozzy, Stuck Mojo, and Waling With Kings when Adrenaline Mob wasn’t working. That’s a commitment I just couldn’t make. So I contacted Mike Portnoy and told him that I would need to step down and allow the band to find a guy who has the ability to fully commit to the project the way they need him to. His response was gracious and completely understanding.”

Of course it was. Mike’s been in that position, where he had to leave a band. I just don’t think he had a legitimate reason to leave his band.

“The experience of playing in a band with Portnoy was amazing. I’ve never met a more passionate, committed musician all my years, and always a complete gentleman towards me. Playing with musicians of that caliber was an honor and a privilege. I hope they go on to the great things they deserve.”

For their part, Adrenaline Mob commented that “the core of this band has always been the three of us. The album was written and recorded that way. We later added Rich and Paul as part of the original touring lineup and we had a blast touring with them. However, they both had other projects and priorities and could not give a full-time commitment to Adrenaline Mob. We’re all still friends and we wish them all the best in their other bands, but for now, our focus is entirely on Adrenaline Mob, the release of Omertà on 3/13/12, and hitting the road hard and playing for you all soon!”

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