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Devin Townsend Talks About Why He Left Strapping


Devin Townsend
I feel like Devin Townsend was never happy as a member of Strapping Young Lad, or perhaps he just couldn’t be happy remaining a member of the band.

Either way, going solo, getting off the weed, and doing his own thing has proven the right move for Devin Townsend. So far.

EverythingRock recently spoke with Townsend and asked him if he ever misses the Strapping Young Lad days.

“I don’t miss the environment; the environment was really bad for me — it wasn’t a healthy place for me to live emotionally or chemically,” says Devin.

“There was a lot of drugs, a lot of drinking, and it wasn’t like… I think you have to make a choice to be happy in your life, because it’s very easy to be paid to be miserable and that whole situation, although Byron [Stroud], Jed [Simon] and Gene [Hoglan] are all good friends of mine, everything that surrounded that band became very negative and I don’t miss that shit at all, man,” Townsend admits.

Wow. At least he’s happy with the decision.

“It seems to be the hardest thing for people to understand. People will be like, ‘Why did you leave?’ and I’ll be like, ‘Because it became really lame for me before the end.’ But that being said, I still talk to Jed, Gene and Byron often — they’re good friends of mine.”

Devin Townsend also said that basically, he feels he had progressed as an artist leaving that environment.

“Without making that life change, I’d have been stuck where I was and the writing was on the wall and I say that and again I can say that until I’m blue in the face and people still wouldn’t get that, but staying there would have stunted me emotionally for the rest of my life, so I chose not to. It’s nothing against the music. I’m very proud of the music, I think it’s awesome, but it’s not me anymore.”