This week saw the release of the trailer for the American horror remake, Silent House, which stars Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene). Now Seattle film fans have the opportunity to catch Gustavo Hernandez’s Uruguayan original, The Silent House (La Casa Muda), at the Grand Illusion.

Based on a true incident that happened in Uruguay during the ’40s, The Silent House is a groundbreaking new horror film that explores “real fear in real time.” Filmed in one single, continuous 78-minute shot, the film slowly unfolds focusing on a young woman in an old house that hides a dark secret. Laura and her father Wilson plan to spend the night in the house they’re renovating. Strange sounds appear upstairs and Wilson goes to check them out. Laura is left on her own downstairs to wait for him—that’s when her fear kicks in. The Silent House is Uruguay’s official submission in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 2012 Academy Awards.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews of The Silent House. The negative side tends to focus largely on a questionable third act plot twist that may or may not work. Either way, this is a unique opportunity to catch a foreign film in an American theater before the remake hits.

Admittedly I’m curious to see how they pull off the one-continuous-shot/in-real-time trick. That is always a challenge, sometimes handled well, sometimes not so much. Done well it can be a distinctive stylistic approach; done poorly, it can come across as a gimmick. I guess we’ll just have to show up and see for ourselves, won’t we?

The Silent House (La Casa Muda) plays at 11pm on Friday, January 13, and Saturday, January 14.

The Grand Illusion
1403 NE 50th St.
Seattle, WA 98105

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