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Tommy Vext Discusses Possibility Of Joining Killswitch Engage


Tommy Vext
As you all know by now, Killswitch Engage lost their singer Howard Jones last week, and ever since, the big question in metal has been who’ll replace the diabetic porn star impregnator.

The name of Tommy Vext has been tossed around a bunch, and there is even an online Facebook page, petitioning for Vext to be the band’s new frontman. And Vext admits in a new interview that he’s been contacted by Killswitch Engage’s management about auditions.

“My decision to sing for Killswitch Engage would be incumbent upon a unanimous band decision from not only my own band members but obviously the Killswitch guys,” Vext says.

“I’ve spoke with Vaughn Lewis at Strong Management (Killswitch’s manager) concerning auditions but that is all I can say for now,” Vext adds.

Tommy, who has been working on a new Vext LP, said that “as a fan and former tour mate of Killswitch I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be honored to be a part of anything with any of those guys musically.”

We shall see.

I want Jesse Leach back in the band. I think it’s time for a reunion. When he joined them on stage in New York during that Philswitch tour, it was magical.