If I were Killswitch's singer, I'd get chicks like this
That’s right.

I think I just might audition to replace Howard Jones. I can do the best Alive or Just Breathing-era Jesse Leach…when I’m in the shower.

Killswitch Engage have issued a statement on their search for a new singer.

“We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the singer position. If you are interested, please send an MP3 or a song link, a photo and a brief description of yourself to the management email address provided in the contact section of KillswitchEngage.com,” the band says.

Last week, Killswitch Engage issued a pink slip to Howard Jones, who admits he just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Meanwhile, original singer Jesse Leach has responded to stories about messages he has been leaving on Facebook, saying, “stop trying to read in between the lines of my posts. If I have something to say, I WILL say it. For the moment I have no comments on KSE.”

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