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Biohazard Giving New Album Away For Free


Now, this is an interesting move.

Biohazard — New York’s seminal hardcore heroes — will be giving away their new album Reborn In Defiance via free download started on January 20.

I guess they figure they might as well leak it before someone else does? I mean, I just don’t get this marketing scheme, and how it’s supposed to benefit the band, but maybe that’s why I don’t manage bands like Biohazard.

A physical version of the release will surface in North America on April 21 with extra bonus content.

“The first such promotion ever launched, the record will be available for free download off of Revolver Magazine’s website as well as through the technology offered by,” says a press release.

I betcha this was Revolver’s idea. They’ll do anything to get traffic to that site, including threatening publicists and bands that they’ll withhold coverage in the magazine if there is no exclusive online component to drive page clicks. Fucking dickholes. This is why they get virtually every stream…because of ClearChannel-esque intimidation tactics.

“When we started, we followed our hearts and innovated a new direction for heavy music, and today we’re doing the same,” says Biohazard vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei. “Technology has allowed us to find a new way to not only reach out to fans but also to thank them for their support all these years. Grab our album for free and we’ll see you on tour!”

Maybe they’re giving it away because they figure no one’s going to fucking buy it. Were you planning on it? I know I’m not.

I probably won’t even download it.