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Godsmack’s Sully Erna Recovering From Knee Surgery


Say "hi" to your knee, Sully
When I look at Sully Erna, I don’t necessarily think, “Now there’s a guy who’s probably good at sports?” Some dudes just have that look. But not Sully.

All the same, the Godsmack singer is recovering at home following surgery on his left knee, to repair damage from a “sport injury” he sustained a while back.

I didn’t know you could hurt your knee playing mini-golf.

In a series of Tweets today, Erna said “Finally found some time to repair my knee that has been injured for some time now. It’s not pretty, but I’ll be back!”

He added, “And people say we don’t do enough for our fans. I’ve given you my leg damn it!! But I want it back now. Up until now, [I] never had a stitch, never broke a bone. Plus I had the team specialist for Boston Celtics Dr. Brian McKeon do the surgery. He’s the best!”


“Now I’m in sports rehab. And this is the guy that’s gonna make me strong like bull again! Haha I’m Avatar baby! Watch me go.”

That’s a picture of Sully’s busted knee.