Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains
Yes sir. It’s real fucking engaging shit, folks. I mean…get ready to be fucking excited. recently spoke with Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains about the impending follow-up to 2009‘s incredible Black Gives Way to Blue. We have known since July that they’ve been working on new shit.

Welcome to the party, pal!

If you have not heard this record, you must.

It was the first album from the band featuring new singer William Duvall.

“We started writing last year,” Cantrell tells Rolling Stone some four weeks ago. That news is not so fresh, folks.

The band plans to head into the studio early this year.

“I had shoulder surgery. I had to get some bone spurs and torn cartilage taken care of, so that put me back a little bit,” says Jerry. “But we’ve been writing through the whole process.”

Wow. Way to turn a flat fucking comment into a web brief, RollingStone. Gosh!

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