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Congrats To Full Metal Jackie On 50th Affiliate


Jackie and me in Japan; trust me, I'm under that sweatshirt
So, a few years back, I was in Japan to cover some Dir En Grey madness for Noisecreep, and for a good part of that week, I got to hang with, and get to know, Full Metal Jackie.

I taught her how to run across walls, she told me about all the prison mail she gets. I don’t live in an area where her show broadcasts, but if I did, I’d listen to her. She’s cool, knows her shit, and just an all-around awesome person.

Anyways, so, Jackie’s show recently added WQKQ-FM in Iowa and WQXX-FM in Lexington, Kentucky, pushing the show into its 50th market. That’s no small feat, to be sure.

“Over 50 cities across the US are now finally getting their weekly recommended allowance of metal,” says Jackie in a press release. “Horns up to that!”

Jackie’s Full Metal Jackie Radio shows run two hours, with fist pounding metal, and regular interviews with many of metal’s biggest names, past and present.

Congrats, Jackie. Here’s to the next 50.