Along with BBC Home Entertainment, CultureMob is offering a special giveaway for the two-disc An Idiot Abroad – Series 1 DVD.  I reviewed the set at length yesterday (click HERE for unadulterated, glowing praise), so I’ll turn today’s description over to the BBC’s official synopsis.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, co-creators of The Office and Extras, decide it would be hilarious to surprise their close friend and close-minded curmudgeon, Karl Pilkington (The Ricky Gervais Show) with a trip around the world…against his will. Karl thinks he’s visiting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but along the way the “Little Englander” must endure camel rides, jungle treks, tribal customs, and local oddballs while dining on toads and searching for a clean bathroom. Will this be the trip of a lifetime, or the vacation from hell? And will Karl even know the difference?

This eight-episode series follows Karl as he makes his way to China, India, Jordan, Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, Peru, and back home again and proves along the way that some people just aren’t that easy to impress. When he sees a pyramid, he wants to know if it’s structurally sound. He decides The Great Wall of China is really just The Alright Wall of China. Rio de Janeiro is lovely and relaxing “if you’re deaf.” Whether it’s bathrooms without toilet paper or insects as cuisine, Karl has a lot to learn about life outside of England. For a man whose idea of a typical vacation consists of a camper and a cooler of beer, this trip may push him to his breaking point – and if it doesn’t, Ricky and Stephen are just a phone call away to push him harder.

In an era of cynical, C-list celebrity trash, “An Idiot Abroad” is a breath of fresh air.  While Karl’s bizarre musings and reactions to Ricky and Steve’s practical jokes satisfy comedically, the show manages to create the impression of spiritual questing.  Whether Karl admits it or not (mostly “not”), his travels leave him a (slightly) different man, giving this reality jape true resonance.  “An Idiot Abroad” may be the best reality television program ever produced.

And I have two copies of the DVD to give away.  It’s very simple.  To qualify for the discs, email me at, provide your first and last name, and correctly answer the following question.

  • Karl Pilkington’s long-suffering girlfriend is named:
    a) Suzanne     b) Diane     c) Jennifer     d) Leslie

Easy-peasy.  I’m going to stop taking entries at 8 PM EST on Monday, January 23rd, so get your answers in before then.  Only contestants within the United States and Canada are eligible, and entering the same name under multiple email addresses will get you disqualified.

The two winners will be informed privately on Tuesday, January 24th, and copies will be sent out shortly afterwards.  For the unfamiliar, I absolutely find  An Idiot Abroad – Series 1 worth the plunge; answer the question, and cross your fingers.

Monkey News, out.

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