I'd put a ring on it. Or around it.
Look at that. Someone that devoted to a band like Kvelertak, and with a waist that small, has gotta be a candidate for my future ex-wife, right?

Kvelertak posted this fan pic on their Facebook page earlier today, and I fell in love. That chick has a sexy back.

Sexy backs are totally underrated, in my opinion. A girl with a sexy back — adorned with album art like that — would go far with me.

I am single, so…look, baby. If you like what you see in the site’s “About” section, and you are free and want my perfect wang, email me.

Although, she could be a butter face. I mean, she might turn around, and have a beak. Or summer teeth. Or a hole where an eye once rested. Or a massive unibrow. Or all of the above.

I wonder if she’d let me skull fuck her? Probably not.

Also, if you were to marry her, in about 30 years, when she starts getting old, that tats going to look like a broken Sharpee was left on her back.

It’s still cool she got that tattoo. I’m DTPIIHBH; I’d blow a load all over that tat.

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