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Trent Reznor Talks More About Nine Inch Nails


Trent Reznor
Trent Reznor must be a Billboard subscriber.

Dude seems to give that rag some sort of news bit every other week, and its strange. You’d think Trent would hate that magazine.

“My voice as a songwriter feels like it needs to speak up or at least work out a little bit to not atrophy,” Reznor tells Billboard.

“I think I have something to say that feels unique to who I am right now, and that’s when it tells me it’s time to do something,” he added.

For a second there, Reznor was considering release the material under a different moniker.

“At the moment it’s going to live in the Nine Inch Nails column, for a few reasons. I enjoy the challenge of moving that kind of brand forward, that identity, shaping it to who I am now instead of who I was a few years ago when I last left off.”