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Guess What? The 2012 Facedown Fest Was Announced


War of Ages
Happy Martin Luther King Day, kids. For most of you, that means three-day weekend time…and a wicked hangover from yesterday’s all-day football spectacular. Me? I have to work today because let me tell you something, jizz master — the news doesn’t take a day off.

I don’t have to go to work for a few more hours, but I really don’t like having to work while the rest of you celebrate the good works of one of America’s greatest civil rights proponents — a man who was killed for his cause.

Anyways, late last week, the 2012 “Facedown Fest” was announced. The fest is set for April 6 and April 7 and will be held at two separate venues, highlighting acts from the Facedown roster and those from Facedown imprint Strike First.

The Stronghold in Chino, California, hosts the first night with Strike First bands Dynasty, Leaders, Letter To The Exiles, Nothing Til Blood, We The Gathered, and Ark of The Covenant.

Then, the fest moves to Pomona, California, for the next night. Taking the stage April 7 will be War Of Ages, In The Midst Of Lions, xLooking Forwardx, Gideon, My Epic, Onward To Olympas, Hands, Your Memorial, Hope For The Dying, A Hope For Home, and The Burial.