Cattle Decapitation
You know, sometimes, when I’m down in the dumps, a female friend of mine will send me a picture of her naked. It automatically makes me feel better. She’s a doll.

I bring this up because news of new recordings from Cattle Decapitation also make me feel better, and raise my spirits. Only, those pictures — in addition to raising my spirits — also raise my flagpole. Everyone should have a friend like this, and in fact, I need more friends like this. Interested parties should email me.

Cattle Decapitation have begun tracking their forthcoming album at Flatline Audio in Denver.

The group hit the studio with producer and engineer Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Trivium) on January 7.

“We spent the first two days mapping out tempos and getting things situated, drums mic’d all that stuff,” says vocalist Travis Ryan.

“Just started tracking drums today and everything is sounding great,” he adds.

“We’re excited to start laying down some tones and getting this beast finished and in the hands of our fans and friends.”

Sick. Cattle Decapitation never fail to impress with their musicianship and their brutality.

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