That’s right, you crazy drunk driver! Sorry, I just saw “Back to the Future” the other night. Been saying that to people ever since.

Down have confirmed the titles for some of the tracks that’ll be appearing on their forthcoming EP.

The band did so in a Facebook post that reads, “Track listing for upcoming EP. Philip says it’s ‘a very pure doom metal record.’”

Hmmm. I wonder what Phil considers doom. Because some people have different ideas of what doom is. Some people can’t differentiate between doom and just thick-ass stoner rock. I don’t know. I’m tired. It’s early.

The EP will continue the following tracks: “Levitation,” “Witchtripper,” “The Misfortune Teller,” “The Curse Is A Lie,” “Open Coffins,” and “This Work Is Timeless.“

We still have no idea when the EP will be in stores.

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