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Mars Volta To Release New Album In March


What may be the album art
Yes sir.

I had heard the Mars Volta were working on new material, and had heard from a number of people it would be out in March. I just never was able to confirm it.

Today, the Mars Volta revealed they will release their new album Noctourniquet on March 27.

That image, I think, is the album art.

The album will feature 13 songs, including the title track plus “The Whip Hand,” “Aegis,” “Dyslexicon,” “Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound,” “The Malkin Jewel,” “Lapochka,” “In Absentia” (not a Porcupine Tree cover, I hope), “Imago,” “Molochwalker,” “Trinkets Pale Of Moon,” “Vedamalady” and “Zed And Two Naughts.“

I’m psyched. I’m pumped. Let’s do this, Volta.